G is for Gulliver

The King of Smugglers


Isaac Gulliver (1745-1822), a notorious local smuggler, illegally traded in spirits, wine, tea, silk and lace alongside his business as an inn keeper. His gang disguised themselves by powdering their hair and became known as the White Wig Gang. 

The Dorset coast, with its many hidden coves, was ideal for smuggling. The gang brought goods ashore and stashed them in the tower of St Andrew's Church in Kinson, away from the prying eyes of the excise men.

My Story

"The actual smugglers might be a very select crowd, not always local, who would require the services of people on the spot to help in the movement of goods; horses, too, were needed. The farmers would perhaps be above going openly into ‘the trade’ but could and did leave stable-doors unlocked; and if they found in the morning that their teams appeared to have been at work during the night no questions were asked, especially if something valuable turned up in the corn-bin or under the hay."

'My Story - Memories of Bournemouth and District', Pascoe Marshall



Information related to events at Branksome Chine, Canford Cliffs & Bourne Heath

Linked to the unlawful act of SMUGGLING

£500 REWARD from his Majesty's Government

For information or sightings of the White Wig Gang

September 1778

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