P is for Pascoe Marshall

Pascoe Marshall

Pascoe was born in Redhill in 1886. He was one of eleven children and recorded his memories of family life in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.


In 1903 he joined his family in establishing Marshall's Tea Room beside the river at Redhill.

" I built a tea-room, kitchen and shelter and a wharf. We had one boat ... an eighteen foot flat-bottomed craft for the ferry which Aunt Susan, with much ceremony, duly christened ‘Victory’. We bought several other craft to let out for rowing parties. The river at the tea-garden was at times quite swift and to use the ferry-boat with a punt pole was quite a work of art ..."

 "The tea-garden became very popular indeed. Home-produced eggs and strawberries and cream in season were our specialities."

"All supplies for the tea-gardens, including water, had to be carried down from home, quite a long journey with many steps. All the water for tea and washing-up was heated by coal or wood in two ten gallon coppers."