S is for Stour

'The Stour' Extracts of a poem by Steve Charnley

From a spring I am born, a Mere trickle at first,

I emerge from the ground with a glug and a burst,

My waters are launched, my life taking flight,

As I grow from a stream to a body of might.

I meander through meadows with serenity and poise,

Then erupt over weirs with crescendo of noise,

Tranquil, yet rough; angry, yet calm,

Rapids cause fear; still warms charm.

Buzzards soar and swallows swoop,

Oaks stand tall and willows droop,

Dragonflies dance to the flow of my beat, For minds and souls, tranquillity replete.

I am the life; I have the power, I am your river; I am the Stour.